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CR-club is the club of creative and critical thinking.

CR – is also the abbreviation of the words "conditioned reflex" .

The name speaks for itself - we learn on our meetings to go beyond the conditioned reflexes imposed on us by society. We learn to think critically, to act creatively.

P1060575.JPGI say "we" because I, Maria Leonidovna Isakova, the head of this club, also learns together with you. I learn to see the world as it is, to act with the help of common sense and intuition.

We invite you to our meetings!

The next session of CR-club will be held November 8th at 16.50 in 7/604

Feedback from participants of the meetings can be found HERE  


Regular meeting of the club of creative and critical thinking was devoted to critical reading. I am sure that the vast majority of you loves to read, and many of you like detectives.

 But, as we found out with our club members, we love reading mostly for entertainment. And when we start to think? That's why I suggested the students of the Linguistic Centre to listen to a very interesting detective story from the textbook "Elementary Matters".  

And here's what came of it: just a little considering and applying critical thinking, we came to the conclusion that this story is much more complicated than it looked at first glance.

 Actually not all texts from textbooks (especially detective stories) as simple as they seem. It is interesting not only to learn English from textbooks, but also to learn outside the process of learning itself - to include logic and learn to ask questions (although some teachers really don't like it!). However, life is such that it is impossible to live and believe every printed word on paper all endure, and we are one!  

 Finally, I invited the students to do a portrait of a critical thinker. The results were amazing: all three groups drew diametrically opposed to the content of the picture. It seems that next time we'll talk about who is this man who knows how to think critically. Until we meet again!  

Feedback from participants of the meetings can be found HERE 

Засідання клубу 11.12.2012

Next meeting the Next questions...

The previous meeting showed that listeners club is not very clear to understand, who is a critical thinker. So, we went to the original sources, the first Google search led me to these jobs: 

* You have only an 8-liter jug and a 3-liter jug. Both containers are unmarked. You need exactly 4 liters of water.  How can you get it, if a water faucet is handy?

   ** What is the 50th number in this sequence?   5, 11, 17, 23, 29, 35, 41, …Explain how you got your answer.

***Another word for sick,

     Your forehead is quite hot;

     Now put an H in front,

     A mountain I am not.

     What am I?______________

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