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English Drama Theater 

The Mature Masterpiece of Amateur Actors

   Young actors of “The English Drama Theater" at the Linguistic Center are familiar with the multifaceted work of Shakespeare not only in the original language of his multivolume publications, but they also easily interpret his works of genius in the language of theatrical productions. For several years, the repertoire of the theater is enriched by new performances, charged with new sounding and actuality of current events.   
  But the theatricality and stage conventions cannot hold tireless energy and passion of youth. Each of them contributes its own understanding and the new interpretation of classic plays. With confidence we can say that the actors do not play, but transforming themselves, live the fate of their scenic characters.  
  Shakespeare's plays were born on the stage and were intended for the audience at the public theater. It was simply impossible to write such plays at the universities of that time. University science arrogantly treated with folk theater and unconditionally condemned plays, marching on the stage. At that time at the universities the examples of the plays of the ancient Greek and Roman authors were studied, especially the last ones. The dramaturgy of Shakespeare is obliged slightly due to the legacy of the ancient theater and is mainly focused on the audience of the people.  
  Nowadays stage and theatrical art take into account the needs of both experienced theater and inexperienced audience, and the walls of the National Mining University were such favorable environment for the development of the talented amateur actors and expanded the horizons of their audience.  
William Shakespeare imitated classical models to ease the perception of his plays, but broke the rules of drama for the sake of his audience. Thus, in his work he drew parallel by competing with classical heritage thanks to his talent and keen sense of drama.
  Inheriting Shakespeare, the amateur actors of the Linguistic Center Julia Sveshnikova, Valentin Martsenko, Paul Slepchenko, Valery Bezkorovainy, Julia Denesuk, Alexandra Saitova suggested their own way of reading of the play “The taming of the shrew” based on the motive of the famous Shakespeare’s play, but they went their own way and beat well-known film in order to please their audience with this light comedy been familiar to everyone.  
  All actors had responsible attitude for performing of their tasks, but without unnecessary drama and theatricality. Therefore, the actions and events, unfolding on stage, looked naturally and harmoniously. Revived a new story emerging of love, grotesque resistance to the feelings on the part of the hero Paul Slepchenko and the ultimate triumph of love, so revered and celebrated Shakespeare and so important for amateur actors whose hearts were penetrated by love to art and theater.  
  From the stage of the youth theater the sonnets of Shakespeare are also sounded in the original, Ukrainian and Russian languages. Our teachers Brian Chang, Natalia Clerk and Victoria Suhova shared with the audience their understanding and reading of Shakespeare's creativity. Thanks to the sonnets we could get idea of this human-Shakespeare who shared his perception about slipping inexorably time.  
Sonnet 123 became a kind of bridge connecting the past and the present, a fictional young man, who dedicated a sonnet, and these young actors and spectators, which were converted into sounding lines from the stage. And only struggle with the elusive time and appeal of Shakespeare to be faithful to yourself and to be yourself is important to all generations, living with a sense of the catastrophic lack of time.
Our amateur actors listened to this advice long time ago, and that is why I dedicate my free time to eternal values, which brings to us the performing arts.

Viktoria Suhova
assistant of the Foreign Language Department

We perform Shakespeare

What is the “theater of the English drama”? First of all, it is incredible emotions, daily meetings in the circle of good friends, fun, reincarnation in images of their heroes, opening of new possibilities and qualities. And secondly, it is improving and mastering the skills and intricacies of English, and in addition, realize its vision productions on stage.  
Students who at least once were in the role of the actors on the stage of theater of the English drama, will forever remain actors outside of its walls, and will repeatedly return there, as an actor, or in the role of a spectator.  укрощение страптивого.jpeg
The theater of English drama was organized by the Department of Foreign Languages of the National Mining University, which celebrated its 80th anniversary this year. University academic staff welcomed the Department with its birthday and their greetings were joined by the students, who staged the play “The taming of the shrew” and presented their version of the famous play of Shakespeare. It was not the first performance for all of the actors, although the excitement was like acting the first performance. When you play your emotions are just going wild, you are turning into another person’s shoes, and together with this role you change yourself.
“Participation in the performance is the ability to speak, share your feelings, emotions, ideas, and experiences with the audience that with undisguised interest and enthusiasm watch your each move. The play is life that does not tolerate excuse, pretense and artificial mode. However, this is something that captures the spirit, forces the heart to pump faster and fills your soul with light and the most beautiful feelings, so you immediately become calm and unusually well. Thank you for the opportunity to be the one who always dream and at the same time stay true to yourself until the very end.” (Julia Sveshnikova)
The shown play touched upon the questions of life: love, happiness, devotion and patience. The theme of love is perhaps one of the most glorified in the works of many writers of different ages, religions and countries. Many wise people say that love is hard, but it is not true. Loneliness is difficult. Failure is difficult. Loss of someone is grief. Envy is weight. Everyone gets with love these things, but in reality love is the only thing in the world that unites us and destroys the whole pain in our hearts.
Everyone says that love is madness. Yes, it is true. But it is also luxurious, magnificent, magical, exciting and generous feeling. To love is to be supportive, to be close no matter what is, do and complement each other. “I love you but not because of whom you are, but who I am next to you.”
“Life is a game, and the people in it are actors”. Therefore, love one another, play and live their roles with open heart and soul.

Alexandra Satava,
student group BDB-12-1

English drama theater: Announcement of Performances


“Vera, or the nihilists” is a play by Oscar Wilde. This is a melodramatic tragedy, in which the action takes place in Russia and written on the history of the life of Vera Zasulich. 
Actors: Alexandra Saitova, Oleg Zinchenko, Valentin Martsenko, Andrew Parfenenko, Ilya Gerasimenko, Paul Slepchenko, Andrey Marchenko and Vladislav f.chirva. Director: Catherine Peak.

“Aunt Charlie” - a play based on the play by Brandon Thomas. The Comedy.
Babs - theft-loser, trying to outrun the cops, dressed in the woman and into the house of Jackie Chesney, whose friend Charlie waits from minute to minute the arrival of his dear aunt-millionaire, who he has not seen even once in life, but there Babs gets. Jackie offers to hide Babs from the police, but Babs will help friends in their predicament.
“The rose and the Nightingale”. The story about the great love of ordinary student to some charming girl, who, unfortunately, does not consider him to be worthy for her love. The victim of the Nightingale for the sake of love, the act of this bird is worthy to be like a human action. And broken heart of the student because of the refusal of the girl. A story, that will enforce to think everyone and will get imprint the soul and heart.
  Actors: Valery Bezkorovainy; Julia Sveska; Alexander Sativa; Catherine Pak; Paul Slepchenko

“Dead poets society”
театр английской драмы анонс выстав 2.jpg John Keating is a new teacher of English language and literature in conservative college. He inspires students to change something in their life, is trying to teach them to think independently and awakens interest in poetry and literature. Students revive “dead poets Society”. The teacher helps everyone to find his own voice in a faceless choir, to discover the beautiful world of nature and poetry. The result of the struggle of the students for the right to express themselves is tragic, and the story will not leave anyone indifferent. 
Actors: Valentin Martsenko, Andrew Parfenenko, Ilya Gerasimenko, Valery Bezkorovainy, Andrey Marchenko, Alexander Saitova; Catherine Peak; Paul Slepchenko, Rodion Gorbunov, Oleg Zinchenko

Everyone starves to be happy! 

The English drama theater, which is situated located in the Linguistic Center at the University has been working for a year. Many participants enjoyed the opportunity to play in bright productions, which take place twice a Rik.19 December 2013 took place one of these performances, one of the wonderful show, which was staged by the students of NMU and students of the center. Young people involved in this event, with pleasure and responsibility he took everything that happens and the result was successful. Were shown three smallIMG_0344.jpg performance: "A Harlem Tragedy" ("Harlem tragedy" O. Henry), "Super dead man" ("Super dead," D. M. Larson) and "Fahrenheit 451" ("451 degrees Fahrenheit" ray Bradbury).

Positive emotions, charming spirit, experiences, new feelings experienced theatre actors. Each of the participants individually, but all agreed on the opinion that, first of all, the theatre makes them happy. As you know, happiness is in the details, so the English Theatre of drama invites everyone to participate in these productions. Real actors, find new friends, gain positive emotions and get another drop happier.

Catherine Piyak, 
student group MN-12-02


On December 19, 2012 at the English drama theater students have demonstrated excellent performances inspired by the works of world classics of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries: Oscar Wilde and O. Henry. The audience had the opportunity to plunge into the world of pleasure, enjoyment, excitement and even tragedy through such plays as “The Happy Prince”, “The importance of being serious” and “The Last leaf”.fin2.jpg The whole audience and the actors were very satisfied and impressed, and their hearts were filled with wild emotions, feelings and compassion for what had happened on the stage of the English drama theater.     

Reviews about play can be found HERE 


The plays "The taming of the shrew" and "The twelfth night" by William Shakespeare, prepared by the students of the Linguistic Centre and the students of the faculty of management, have really impressed the audience. No one expected from the  students such fervor emotions and feelings on the stage. It contained everything: passion and disappointment, and even fight. Viewers were teleported in the past for an hour in Shakespeare time, because every detail reminded about those age. And to add zest to the performances, the action was accompanied by the most famous songs of our time.

Reviews about play can be found HERE

In 2010, the participants prepared the premiere of the performance "Midsummer night's Dream" by William Shakespeare for the participants of the VI International forum of students "Widening horizons".

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