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Nowadays, quite a number of people believe that the world is too gray and boring. Teenagers, students and even young workers cannot say unhesitatingly that they live a fun life, that they know how to spend their evenings and that they know how they want to live. Alas, the percentage of people dissatisfied in their work is growing. Everyone thinks about it, but I am not sure that anyone tries to change it.

Education can put you on a set track toward a profession. If you learn to be an engineer, then, alas, you are supposed to be an engineer for your whole life. How can you change your life if you are on the wrong track? Friends, experience, and a variety of skills (for example, drawing beautifully, singing well, knowing foreign languages etc.) are things that can change your life.

I want to tell you about my small experience. I am a first-year student and my life is so varied that I can confidently look into my future and be aware of all my opportunities and chances for success. In addition to daily studying at the University, I visit the Linguistic Centre at the National Mining University, where I learn English. Also there I am an actress in the English Drama Theatre. I participate in a variety of recreational, developmental and educational programs, events and conferences. Earlier I did not realize that studying in this Centre could be so interesting. Many friendly, creative and courageous people with the most incredible ideas in their heads come to class and make your life a little brighter.

The Linguistic Centre gives people a chance not only to learn a foreign language, but also to express themselves. Here you will learn not only to communicate in a foreign language, but also to debate, to explain, to dispute, to show feelings and so on. Here you can speak with foreigners and people who live or have lived abroad and you can ask them all sorts of questions and get some experience.

Now think of the things that I told you. Friends, experience, skills! Come to the Centre to learn English and you will get a chance or "ticket" to a secure future.

By Kate Piyak, MN-12-02

Are you still trying to decide where you want to continue your education? Don’t forget about the National Mining University! It has always been considered one of the best institutions of higher education.  

Our university gives students a modern education, useful experience and good perspectives. All of these are possible thanks to the best team of scientists, professors and teachers. They always try to be in the mainstream of new technologies and new scientific doors.

Studying at the National Mining University will give you experience in organization, self-study and the development of your different skills. Our university often organizes various conferences, which student may attend and improve their public speaking and prezentation skills. I should tell you about our

Linguistic Center, which works with different institutions of higher education abroad, that our students can try. And this can lead to a new opportunities in the future.

  So keep in mind that you’ll never be disappointed in your choice of the National Mining University  

by Julia Sveshnikova




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